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If you’re looking for a Tyler, TX, car stereo store, consider the products and services at Stereo Video Center. We understand the importance of having a good sound system whether for commutes or road trips. That’s why we offer a wide range of brands suitable for any budget or vehicle. Our skilled technicians can help you select the right car stereo and install it in no time at all.

You can rest assured that our locally owned and operated company is readily available to meet your car stereo needs. We offer a large selection of parts and systems from top manufacturers, so you know you’ll be getting the best possible quality. Our customers choose us because of our:

  • Prompt project completion
  • Quick responses

When you’re looking for a reputable Tyler, TX, car stereo store, look no further than Stereo Video Center. We’re known for more than 35 years of excellence as an authorized retailer of world-class brands. We accept various payment methods, and we have financing available. Contact us or stop by our store to learn more.

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Window Tint

Are you tired of driving in the sweltering heat with the sun beating down on you through your windshield? Are you looking for a little more privacy out there on the wide open road? As an auto window tinting service based in Tyler, TX, Stereo Video Center outfits local drivers’ precious cars with tinting that reflects their lifestyles as much as their cars do.

Proud of Our Custom Work
At Stereo Video Center, our goal is to improve the driving experiences of local motorists with auto window tinting. This special accoutrement to your car can provide much-needed protection from the aggravation—and driving hazards—of intense sunlight pointed directly at your windshield. Auto window tinting can also give your car a little privacy so that while it’s parked, prying eyes aren’t drawn to considering breaking into your car.

With reasonable rates and convenient scheduling, we make it easy to treat yourself and your vehicle to that extra coat of protection. To learn more about the benefits of auto glass tinting or to set up an appointment, call Stereo Video Center today.