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Overhead/Headrest DVD Systems

Stereo Video Center | Audiovox Overhead DVD Player Installation Project
Overhead/Headrest DVD Systems

Overhead DVD systems are the easiest way to add a video system (and value) to any vehicle. Each system comes with a pair (2) of wireless headphones so the viewers can enjoy a movie without disturbing the driver. 

In some cars an overhead DVD system will not be an option due to sunroofs or structural obstacles.

For these types of vehicles, we also offer two levels of headrest DVD systems. The most affordable is a generic set with a few colors to choose from to match the interior. The higher end sets are ordered in for an exact match to your vehicles interior.

Note: Some newer vehicles are coming with what are called Active Restraint Headrests. If you think your vehicle might have these, please give us a call to discuss your options.