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CIR Windshield Tint

Example of 80% window tint for a front windshieled
CIR Windshield Tint

The front windshield is one of the biggest windows on a vehicle. So naturally it's also the window that allows the most HEAT inside. 

Ceramic film (CIR film) in general already rejects up to 60% more heat than standard window film by blocking out the infrared spectrum (what we feel as heat). The darkness of the film makes no difference to infrared or UV rays, only to the visible light we see. Even a near clear ceramic tint will still reject heat and do a good job of it too.

We offer an 80% VLT (visible light transmission) CIR film for front windshields. This makes a huge difference in the time it takes to cool your vehicle down on a hot day, keep it cool, and simultaneously reducing strain on your A/C system which also increases gas mileage.

Oh, and it helps reduce glare at night.

With all those benefits, what are you waiting for? Call us today and get a quote!