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Dash Cameras

Picture of memento dash cam installed in a vehicle.
Dash Cameras

Memento Dash Cams

We carry the Memento brand of dash cameras to keep you and your vehicle safe. Dash cameras are getting more and more popular for catching and defending against all types of fraud and accidents. These incidents can put not just you, but your family and livlihood in jeopardy. Give yourself an extra set of eyes for your ride.

All Memento dash cam packages come with both front and rear cameras so you don't miss a thing.

Their M4 model package records at 720p HD quality, 270 degrees of coverage around your vehicle and 16GB of storage.

The M5 model is a step up, recording in 1080p HD with different modes and settings. It has impact sensors that when triggered store the last 15 seconds of footage and 15 seconds after. It also comes with motion sensors that can trigger to record even when the vehicle is parked and 32GB of storage so you are always covered.

The top of the line M6 model comes with all the features of the M5 model with the addition of WiFi connectivity. This makes viewing footage a breeze by connecting to the camera with your smart phone. It also comes with the capability of upgrading the storage from 32GB all the way up to 256GB.

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