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URC - Troubleshooting Your Remote

BY MATT PECHARICH | JUNE 24TH, 2021/Home Remote Controls

One Remote To Rule Them All

We have been selling, installing, and programming Universal Remote Control (URC) remotes in our custom home A/V systems for well over 10 years now. It is a product that we believe in and trust. Their remotes are solid, reliable, and short of your dog getting a hold of it we rarely have to…


The Remote Control Juggle

By Matt Pecharich | December 4th, 2018/Home Remote Controls

The Problem

If you have multiple components making up your home A/V system, chances are pretty good that you also have a bowl of various remotes sitting nearby. A remote for every component, and a process of using several different remotes to turn all of…

Stereo and Video Center - Remote Controls

Remote Controls

April 16, 2018/Home Remote Controls

Does anyone remember the earliest remote controls for TV’s? Would you believe they operated like flashlights? Talk about a technology working it’s way into the hearts (and sofas) of American homes. Starting back in the 1950s as highly promoted luxury for the “modern” home, it wasn’t long before they were the subject of late-night comedians, the focus of husband/wif…

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