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What is Surround Sound? From 3.1 to 7.1.4

By Matt Pecharich | January 23rd, 2021/Home Audio and Video

What is “Surround Sound”?

We actually get this question a lot. From older to younger generations, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t understand exactly what surround sound is or how it works. They understand you need speakers around the room, but they still have questions such as:

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Two Is Better Than One: Home Theater Subwoofers

By Matt Pecharich | January 23rd, 2021/Home Audio and Video


(No, not the fish, the rumbly kind.)

The kind that either impresses or annoys the neighbors. The kind that makes you FEEL the movie or music. The kind a home theater or surround sound needs in order to sound full and complete.

What produces these low end frequencies? A subwoofer…


Living With Your TV - The Decor Dilemma

By Matt Pecharich | October 6th, 2020/Home Audio and Video

Flashback: Building Your House to Fit Your Television

Ever since TV’s earliest days there’s been a struggle between form and function. People are fascinated by the marvels of television but have concerns about their home decor and struggle to hide, camouflage or otherwise conceal the TV. Customers built entire homes, rooms, cabinets, and other…

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Custom Home Theater - Design and Installation

By Matt Pecharich | April 2nd, 2020/Home Audio and Video

So, you’re thinking of building a theater room in your home. While one of the first things that comes to mind is the cost, there are plenty of other questions that come with undertaking a project like a custom home theater. Our consultants are specially trained to understand and help with designing home media entertainment of this level. Here are a few frequently asked…


Cutting the Cord in 2020

By Matt Pecharich | February 19th, 2020/Home Audio and Video

So, you’ve finally had enough. You’re tired of your cable company and all the hassle.

The bill that randomly increases month to month with no explanation. The horrible customer service and subcontractors who come out and know even less than you do. The 10 minutes of automated phone conversation before you can even speak to a real person that you have to find a quiet place…

Surge Protectors, The Ins and Outs title picture with lighting.

Surge Protectors - The Ins and Outs

By Matt Pecharich | August 8th, 2019/Home Audio and Video

If you have ever had any major electronics in your home, chances are you’ve used some form of surge protection. These essential pieces of equipment help protect your sensitive electronics from various forms electrical phenomena. However, we find that a lot of consumers don’t completely understand how surge protectors actually work. 


OLED vs. QLED: 2019's Top TVs

By Matt Pecharich | January 15th, 2019/Home Audio and Video

The battle of the brands is ever changing and ongoing when it comes to televisions. It’s a huge market and every major manufacturer is fighting to be at the top. So naturally on an almost daily basis we get asked the big question:

“Who makes the best TV?”

Here at Stereo and Video Center we…


TV Mounts - Which one is right for you?

By Matt Pecharich | October 9th, 2018/Home Audio and Video

Mounting a TV can have multiple benefits for you and your family:

  • Better viewing angles

  • Cleaner look and feel to the room


Wireless Speaker Misconceptions

By Matt Pecharich | August 29th, 2018/Home Audio and Video

We have customers ask us all the time if we offer any wireless home speaker or surround sound options. The answer is yes, but it’s never what most customers think. The word “wireless” in this instance is a bit misleading.

The Misconception Explained

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