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Progressive Screens MagnaTrack

Photo of shade installation on a back patio overlooking the lake.
Progressive Screens MagnaTrack

If you didn't know already, we offer a whole lot more than people think we do. Patio shades is another one of those services that you wouldn't think fits in our wheelhouse. But smart shades and lighting are quickly becoming an integral part of what we do along with either our Savant or Control4 systems.

The brand we carry is Progressive Shades. They come with the MagnaTrack system which is quickly demonstrating it's superiority over the other cheaper brands companies are carrying. Over time or with bad weather other shade brands can pop out of the track, bunch up at the bottoms or sides creating curtains, and other issues. These require customer's to pay for a service technician to come out and fix.

The dual magnetic pull from rare earth neodynium magnets on the Magnatrack system keep the shades pulled tight at all times. They are so strong that if in the rare case the shade pops out of the track the magnets actually pull it BACK INTO the track as well. These are not your normal shades, which is why we sell them!