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Luma Cameras

Our customers love that we can not only help them build their home with the best technology but also help them protect it as well. 

We carry Luma surveillance products of varying levels. From simple home security setups to business level protection, we can do it all and set up viewing straight from your smart phone or computer. Luma carries a variety of indoor/outdoor dome cameras to fit any location or need.

Picture of Luma 510 series PTZ camera.

Luma 510 Series PTZ IP Camera with Starlight Technology

The most vandal proof models Luma carries, any of their dome series cameras (PTZ or not) will be sure to withstand the "elements" while keeping your property secure. Best used under eaves, they are one of our most popular models for surveillance that doesn't necessarily stand out. They come in white or black, and varying levels of quality (even with built in heaters).


Picture of Luma 510 series bullet camera.

Luma 510 Series Bullet Camera with Starlight Technology

When you want people to KNOW they are being watched, Luma's series of bullet cameras are perfect. More suited for mounting on the sides of buildings rather than under eaves, they are meant to stand out the let people know the area is covered. They come in the same levels of variety the dome cameras do, and in either white or gray.