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Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs

This is East Texas, and not only is the weather absolutely unpredictable, about 11 months out of the year we deal with almost 100% humidity. This can take a hard toll on any kind of outdoor electronics, especially televisions.

Thankfully, we have a solution!

Our line of Sunbrite outdoor TVs are built for all types of applications. Whether under a covered patio or in full view of the sun, they can handle it. All of their models are 4k UHD as well, so you'll have all the luxuries you're used to from your living room to the BBQ.

Samsung Terrace TV

New for 2020, Samsung released their own weatherproof television called the Terrace along with the optional weatherproof HW-LST70T 3.1 channel soundbar. The Terrace comes with all the functionality of a normal TV including smart app capabilities (Netflix, Hulu, etc..) along with the brightness required to enjoy it outdoors. Normal TVs can be anywhere from 250-350 nits (a measure of luminance). The Samsung Terrace touts 2000+ nits so rest assured even in direct sunlight you won't miss a detail!

Picture of the Samsung Terrace outdoor TV with its HW-LST70T 3.1 outdoor soundbar.

So if you're thinking of adding some flair to your outdoor entertainment, give us a call! Our expert consultants will make sure you're taken care of.