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Backyard/Outdoor Audio

Backyard/Outdoor Audio

There's nothing worse than having a nice back patio or pool area and no music to enjoy it with! Our experts here at Stereo and Video Center have multiple solutions and will design a system to fit your needs.

Outdoor Rock Speakers

One of the most popular solutions that doesn't break the bank are rock speakers. These speakers come in a variety of colors and sizes to blend into any landscaping design you may have around your backyard. It's also one of the simplest solutions, only requiring a 2-channel amplifier to power them and burying a wire to each speaker.

Picture of Klipsch rock speakers for outdoor audio.

Klipsch Rock Speakers in Granite

Landscape Audio

Like the rock speakers, our most popular brand for landscape audio is Klipsch. Their 70v landscape systems have always left our customers smiling. The advantage here is you can cover a much wider area and really give your backyard some "oomph" with in-ground subwoofers. 70v systems allow us to daisy chain speakers together, requiring less trenching than a standard 8ohm speaker system.

Picture of a Klipsch 10" in-ground subwoofer and satellite landscape speaker.

Klipsch PRO-500T-LS landscape speaker and the PRO-10SW-LS in-ground subwoofer

Whatever your style or taste, we can help. Give us a call and have one of our experts design the perfect outdoor system for you and your family!