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Professional A/V Moving and Installation

By Matt Pecharich | April 21st, 2019/New Home

Planning on making a move soon? You will probably be looking into hiring a moving company to handle the transportation of furniture and all of your personal belongings. There’s nothing wrong with that. A good moving company has experienced professionals who are knowledgeable at moving appliances, furniture, boxes, etc.. safely from one home to the next.

But what about audio and video equipment? Internet and Wi-Fi coverage? Surveillance?

Last Thing on Your Mind; First Thing on Ours

When you’re moving into a new home, there’s a lot more on your mind than audio and video components. It’s a stressful time filled with coordinating multiple people, teams, and companies into the right windows of opportunity to get things done. Televisions, surround sound, outdoor entertainment, and other media needs are often overlooked until you’re sitting in the new living room with a hastily thrown together setup to get you by.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was already moved, mounted, setup, and installed beforehand so you can enjoy your new home as soon as you move in?

Yea, we thought so too.

Experts at Your Service

Professional A/V Moving and Installation 

Projects designed to fit your lifestyle.

Our experienced consultants know what to look for, ask about, and how to put the entertainment together in your new home. Small things can often get overlooked that may have a big impact on enjoying media in your new house. 

Here are just a few examples of the most common scenarios we run into:

  • The new home had an existing media setup, but the previous owners took some or all of the components to run it with them. Examples would be a theater room, whole house audio, media room or cabinet, an A/V closet, etc..

  • The placement of power outlets and/or cable connections in the new home are in undesirable locations or not existing in desired locations. An example would be the previous owner had a TV sitting on a stand, and the new owner wants it wall mounted with all wires hidden.

  • The old home had whole house audio, a centralized media cabinet, media room, or theater. The new home does not, and the customer wants to add it utilizing existing or new equipment.

  • The new home’s structure and layout prevent solid Wi-Fi coverage across all areas using a single router.

  • Existing components were left in the new home, but are outdated or incompatible with newer technology and need to be upgraded.

Of course, there are many more issues we have helped our customers with in the 40yrs we have been in business. But these are some of the most common and/or overlooked issues when moving into a new house.

The Process; We Make it Simple


Covering all the bases for you.

It’s not as complicated as most customers think it is, and our consultations are free in Tyler, Texas or surrounding towns.

The first step is to give us a call. One of our experienced A/V Consultants will set a time to come out to both homes; your old one and the new one. From there, we will visit the home you are moving from first and take inventory of any components you are wanting to keep and utilize in your new home. Every customer is different, and a thorough needs analysis will help us cover all the bases with you.

We will help you decide what existing components can or cannot be utilized. Sometimes it’s easier to leave certain equipment behind and start fresh in the new home. This helps insure peace of mind and reliability.

After taking inventory and discussing the existing components, walking through the new home with you is the next step.

We will go from room to room in the new house while taking notes, asking questions, and start “plugging in” existing equipment where it’s going to be utilized. Developing a thorough game plan with all questions answered and bases covered is our goal. Making sure all the customer’s needs are met, that they understand what they are getting, and why we make the suggestions we do is the key.

From there we will work up an estimate that thoroughly explains the plan and design from room to room. This makes sure everyone is on the same page. Adjustments can be made at that point leading to a final design of the project.

Once approved by the customer, we can work on setting a firm date to get everything moved and professionally installed so you can enjoy your new home!

Over 40yrs Helping Our Customers

 Professional moving and installation in your new home.

Buying a new home is a stressful process by itself. Most of the time TVs and electronics are the last thing on a customer’s mind. Our experts know what to ask and look for to make sure your new home is set up for you to enjoy.

From mounting TVs, whole house audio, outdoor entertainment, networking, theaters, home automation and more. We will help make sure your new home fits your needs and lifestyle. If you’re planning a move, give us a call today!  


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