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Moving into a New Home?

July 19, 2018/New Home

A great time to install home integration services is when you’re either building a new home or renovating an existing one.—you get down to the wires in both cases. These projects also take time and involve mess that wouldn’t be fun to live around! If you are on a budget it may take a few years for your home to fully become what you initially envisioned. Smart devices such as smart thermostats can be installed at a later time, once construction is over. Here are the projects we recommend tackling while you are building your new home.

Home Automation

Now is the time to make sure your home is ready for the future and there is now way better to support this future than by installing a home automation system. Renovations offer perfect opportunities to install home automation systems. All cupboards, shelves and amenities will be out of the way leaving all wires on show to a licenced electrician! Having a fully automated home is becoming more of a reality with each product released by multiple home appliance companies. Now is the time to consult with your electrician as to which products you will be installing and where the wiring should go to. Want built in smart speakers? Show him where you’d like them to go so that you can get the acoustics just right. This is the perfect time to plan your home exactly the way you’d like it.

Central Vacuum installation

This one is often overlooked, just because it’s not properly understood! Central vacuum systems are cost-effective, more powerful and safer to use because they reduce dirt from flying straight back into the air. Not only are our central vacuums easy to use, they save a lot of time thanks to their convenience! Normal vacuum cleaners spread dust and allergens throughout the house when used, but since central vacuum systems suck the dust and allergens out of the air and house, they are not spread around. This will save you the endless hassle that comes with suffering from allergies to house dust. Installing them when you are having renovations done, or before you move into a new house is the best time because it’s a fairly large installation. Because most of the installation happens behind the walls, make use of the time they are completely exposed.

Computer Networking

Don’t wait until you’ve moved in before you start thinking about the internet! Before you install the plasterboard and start painting, have a local area network (LAN) run through your house. LANs are becoming increasingly useful as people are keeping larger amounts of music and videos on their computers, phones and tvs. Wired LANs offer more certainty and lower latency that is important if you are going to be streaming videos, using a VoIP phone or playing networked games. Some of your smart devices will also be able to be wired which will make it more useful for your home automation projects too.

Moving into a new home or having a home renovated can be an extremely stressful time in any homeowner’s life. But hopefully these projects will make you feel excited about your future in your new home! If you are in need of any of the services listed in this article please feel free to contact us for a free quote!

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